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Crossroads Mediation
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Manassas, VA 20110
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Crossroads gladly accepts VISA and MASTERCARD for its services.

Crossroads gladly accepts VISA and MASTERCARD for its services

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About Crossroads

handsCrossroads Mediation Services was founded in 1995 by James Cross as a firm offering mediation services exclusively.  Mr. Cross, an attorney, had reached the conclusion that litigation should be the last resort for parties involved in disputes.  Mediation of divorce and employment disputes in the private sector was the initial focus of the firm.  In 2002, the firm was approved by the General Services Administration for inclusion on its list of vendors to provide Equal Employment Opportunity services to the Federal government.  Since that time, the firm has provided the following services throughout the Federal Government: Mediation; EEO Counseling; EEO Investigations; and preparation of Final Agency Decisions.  Crossroads has grown steadily since its inception and has handled thousands of EEO matters.