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Crossroads Mediation
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Crossroads gladly accepts VISA and MASTERCARD for its services.

Crossroads gladly accepts VISA and MASTERCARD for its services

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Crossroads Philosophy

Whether a dispute comes to Crossroads in the form of mediation, EEO Counseling, EEO Investigation, or Final Agency Decision, the Crossroads approach to the assignment is consistent with our mission statement to provide services in a professional, impartial, thorough, and timely manner.  

Crossroads constantly strives to ensure that the expectations of each agency it contracts with, as set forth in their respective statements of work, are met to the letter.  We have internal review and monitoring procedures in place to ensure that our staff is doing what is necessary for us to meet our contractual obligations.

Crossroads understands the critical importance of protecting private information. In recognition of the potential for breaches of this information, Crossroads has implemented strong internal security measures to ensure that this does not occur.