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Crossroads Mediation
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Crossroads gladly accepts VISA and MASTERCARD for its services.

Crossroads gladly accepts VISA and MASTERCARD for its services

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Mediation provides parties to a conflict an opportunity to reach a resolution quickly, inexpensively, and civilly.  Crossroads mediators are fully trained to serve as a neutral third party and to facilitate resolution of the issues in the dispute.

EEO Counseling

Crossroads EEO Counselors are trained to ensure that their reports contain identification of the discriminatory bases of specific instances of the alleged discrimination, the responses from responsible management officials, and sufficient information for the agency to make a determination regarding acceptance or dismissal of the complaint. They also are trained to explore possible resolution of the complaint.

EEO Investigations

Crossroads EEO investigators are trained to obtain the information necessary to create a complete and impartial Report of Investigation upon which a decision can be made regarding the discrimination alleged in the complaint.  

Final Agency Decisions

Crossroads Final Agency Decision writers are attorneys with extensive knowledge of EEO law.


Crossroads offers training in writing acceptance and dismissal letters, EEO awareness for supervisors and staff, and workplace harassment.